Get the Pro Treatment – Hit the Hills with E3 Coaching Training Camp

road cycling training camps

Want to be treated like a pro?

Chalet-style cycling weekend have proved a hit with mountain bikers in the UK. Hit the Hills has been growing each year since the first weekend 2011. For next year Hit the Hills will be partnering up with some of the leading organisations in UK cycling to offer guests the very best experiences for 2015.  

One partnership I am really excited about is going to take Hit the Hills in a slightly new direction and expand Hit the Hills appeal to even more cyclists. Hit the Hills has teamed up with the leading cycling coaching company in the UK: Extreme Element Endurance Coaching (E3 Coach) lead by the excellent Jon Fearne. 

Jon has over 12 years experience coaching endurance athletes in all disciplines, having run training camps in the French Alps, Altitude camps on Tenerife and warm weather camps in Spain. In addition to this he has been involved in multiple training camps with Test Team Cervelo, worked alongside Mulebar nutrition for 8 years, ridden with a number of professional riders. 

Hit the Hills with E3 Coach will be offering UK based training camps in the Yorkshire Dales and North Wales. Our training camps will help road cyclist take their riding to the next level by focusing on:
– Riding position
– Technique
– Nutrition
– Training strategies

Coaching will be delivered on and off the bike with:
– Guided rides with Jon and his team
– Briefings
– Q&A sessions

The training camps will be tailored to your objectives and we will work with you to design the weekend around you goals.

All the training camps will be based at our premium accommodation and be fully catered so you will be well looked after, have space to relax when you need and not have to worry about meals during your stay.

You will get the Pro treatment so you can concentrate on riding and getting the most out of the training camp.
Number will be limited to 8 per training camp so book your place now for our Yorkshire Dales weekend in April and July: