A Chin Wag With: Sam Dale

1. Who are you?

I am Sam Dale, 21 years old and love getting rad on any kind of bike

2. Where do you ride?

I ride alot of cross country in and around macclesfield forest and the peak district, i also spend a good amount of time in North Wales riding a bit of everything.

3. How did you end up being a pro?

I’m not sure, went to races, must of done something that people like, had fun, and it went from there..

4. Is it as glamorous as you all make it look?

Does it look glamourous? (me: err yes I follow you on twitter) I guess we only ever put pictures up of the fun stuff. You wouldn’t like to see me spewing into a bucket after doing some sprints, or the way i look in the morning after a tough 3 weeks of training!

5. Where is your favourite World Cup track?

I dont have 1 favourite, i have 3, Schladming, Champery and Fort William, I could ride them places year after year and not get bored!

6. Who do you ride with?

James and Alex Stock, Ratboy, Brewin, to name a few.

7.  According to Facebook you have 4,000 friends, how many of them do you actually know?

5,000 now pal! Id say I know about 1000 of them from school, racing and just life, and have met another 1000 of them through racing, other racers, members of the media, fans etc.

8. What was your highlight of 2011?

2nd at Llangollen national was cool, I’d felt fast at a few races before then but crashed, at Llangollen i stayed upright and had a really fun weekend!

9. What you looking forward to in 2012?

Racing my bikes!

10. Where is your favourite place to ride?

Morzine is mint, I do like riding at home sometimes, im happy whereever really, aslong as im riding

11. Is Riders Refuge the best place to stay in Morzine?


12. I hear you like chilling on Golf Courses, what’s your handicap?

Haha, chilling? I get pretty stressed! Whats a handicap?!

13. What are you goals for 2012?

To have fun!

14. I see your riding transition bikes in 2012 does that mean you will be hanging out with Canadians and hucking trains on the west coast a bit more?

Hopefully yeah! I felt comfortable on the Transition Frames pretty much straight away, so it was cool to find out transition were happy with what id be doing, 2012 is going to be a minter!

15. If you were not riding mountain bikes for a living what would you be doing?

Well im a joiner by trade so making so big bucks at the furniture making place i did my apprenticeship. We made kitchens that were costing £250,000 for all kinds of people, footballers, business men, gold diggas and drug dealers!

16. What’s your best trick?

No footed Front wheel skid

17.  Have you ever broken anything e.g. bikes, bodies or hearts?

Mine or other peoples?! I guess I can say yes to both!

18. FACT: Coke-a-Cola outsells every other soft drink in every country across the world apart from Scotland where Iron-Bru dominates – do you have a fact you can share with us?

That just shows us how mad the scottish are! My fact is.. a pigs top speed is 11mph!

19. Who should we interview next?

Frank Gallagher (me: not a real person!)

20: Would you like to thank anybody? Yes please! My family! Transition, Fox Europe, S.i.Sealy, W D bathrooms, Sportingmind.co.uk, Renthal, Schwalbe..