Massive Day Out in the Clwyds

cycling the clwydsThis one starts at the car park 2km east of Llangwyfan where the Scouse Track used to be – GR: 139668 in the Vale of Clwyd. Obviously you can start it wherever you want however for best result try finish on a descent!

The ride begins with a brief descent on the road before you chuck a left onto a little climb and a traverse round to the ancient hill fort that is Moel Arthur before joining the road. Hang a left then peel off to the right through the gate and arc towards Cilcan. Before you get to Cilcan take a right and head up on to “The Range”.

After a fair climb you’ll eventually reach the summit and the Offa’s Dyke path which you head straight across and start descending. Great fast descent with big sweeping built up corners which you can hit pretty fast. WATCH OUT FOR SHEEP!

Continue down the road and when you hit the cross roads hang a left and then take the fourth left to head up The Range once more. Huge climb up Moel Famau now which is long, steep and horrendous (sorry). Cross the Offa’s Dyke path again and start heading down Clwydian Way towards Pentre. Great descent this: fast, steep, tight and technical!

Once you are down head over to Cilcan and double back on your self to Moel Arthur. As you roll past Moel Arthur, just past the cattle grid take a left through the gate (GR: 147657) on to another fast descent, again WATCH OUT FOR SHEEP! back in the Vale now you head right/north towards Llangwyfan.

Time to head back to the start now you can either go straight up the road or do a bit more climbing by turning back on your self and heading up the fire and finish on a gentle descent. There is also some secret squirrel singletrack that can take you back to the start but it’s a foot path so should be avoided!