Doctor’s Gate & Cut Gate


This is a massive mountain bike route in the Peak District. It takes two
mighty Peaks cycle routes: Doctor’s Gate and Cut Gate. As it’s quite a long
day out with some technical terrain to cover, this route is definitely one
for the more experienced riders. It’s described as a clockwise route so you
ride Doctor’s Gate with gravity on your side.

Start Point

Glossop, Langsett or Ashopton are the best places to attempt this route.
This route is described starting in Ashopton.

Head west on the A57 up Snake’s Pass, it’s quite a twisty road so watch out
for mad drivers! It’s not as bad as it first appears and before you know it
you’ll be at top ready to start of Doctor’s Gate. There is a National Trust
sign marking the trail on the other side of the road which you can’t miss.
Doctor’s Gate starts off with a “qualifier”traverse and then give way to a
plateau before heading down again. Right, be warned the first bit of the
descent is tricky with loose rocks and plenty of ruts. If you survive this
you’ll be whipping down some fast single track and then be met by possibly
a boggy section. This is the worse section on the route so just grin and
bear it for now as later you will be smiling. After the bog, the path
improves and you roll into Glossop.
In Glossop keep going until you hit the B6105 and hang a right heading
north. Follow it round until you see the Trans Pennine Trail by Torside
Reservoir. Follow this trail until it brings you out on the A628, join the
road and keep heading east. Keep on the road and take the bridleway on the
right called Barnsley Boundary Walk which takes you to Langsett Reservoir.
Follow the trail and take the right turn brining you out at the western
side of the reservoir.
Time to ride Cut Gate! Bit of  a steep climb to begin with over some
maintained trail, continue straight on at the junction heading south to
Mickleden Edge. It’s now a straight line back to the start.This is a great
trail with some tight single track and testing bit to negotiate. Watch out
for the steps right at the end, they are a bit steep and feature the only
real corner of the ride. Anybody who can clear this sections is The
At the bottom keep heading south along the eastern side of Derwent and
Ladybower Reservoirs until you hit the A57 and you are back at the start.