Book Early To Avoid Disappointment

I know it’s a massive cliché but you really do need to book early to avoid disappointment.

I regularly turned away groups because I don’t have any accommodation available on the required dates. Most of Hit the Hills accommodation is in National Parks so is limited, sometimes there is only one bunkbarn or cottage that works for a group mountain biking holiday per region and it gets booked up way ahead of time. As you would imagine this breaks my heart, obviously am I losing out on sales but I really love doing Hit the Hills and the guest love it too! Here’s a few reason why:

#1 The excitement of the first night. It’s really great to to meet a new group of mountain bikers each weekend. Every time the guests are really excited when they arrive at the accommodation and meet up with their mates. For some they live far away from each other or have just been too busy to get together so haven’t seen each other for a while. So when they all get together they are giddy with excitement, it’s infectious!

#2 Saturday morning buzz. Breakfast is served at 8am and you can guarantee that some riders will be up, dressed and tinkering with their bikes already. The tea and coffee will be following and we will be taking orders for breakfast straight way. As more guest appear the banter come out to and everybody is laughing and joking together about the day ahead.

#3 The grand depart. Every group of mountain bikers that has ever stayed at Hit the Hills, large or small, without exception has always has at least one member who just can’t figure out how to get ready. They are either stood staring at their bike wondering why it won’t change gear or still in the shower when everybody is ready to go. I you can’t think who this is it’s probably you! Eventually they get off, it’s always great to see them heading out for a great day.

#4 Tea and Cake. Included in the price of every weekend is as much tea and coffee as you can drink as well as home made cake on Saturday afternoon. Everybody loves this. Doesn’t matter if it’s been sub-zero or blazing hot, the cake always gets a hammering. It’s a great chance for everybody to reflect on a excellent day and enjoy some down time before dinner is served later on.

#5 Thank you and goodbye. Come Sunday morning when it’s time to say goodbye everybody is always in a good mood. They are either heading home to catch up with their family after a great day of cycling or heading out again to make the most of the weekend. I always hand out feedback forms on Sunday morning and always pleased to read what the guests have written.

So there it is, some of the reasons guest I love doing Hit the Hills and some of the reasons guests love coming to stay. So please if you are thinking of making a booking enquiry ahead, a few months if possible and a few more again in peak season. I am not saying I won’t be able to squeeze you in but I won’t want you to be disappointed.

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Make an enquiry      View mountain biking weekends