Freedom of information request for Rushup Edge in the Peak District

Derbyshire County Council have carried out some work on Rushup Edge in the Peak District.

They have turned this:

Into this:

In order to find out the logic behind this move I have written to the council and asked them to provide all the info around the decisions as part of an Freedom of Information request.


Copy and paste this text into an email:

Dear FOI Officer,

I should like to request the following information on how the decision was reached to gravel this bridleway on Rushup Edge in the Peak District National Park. I am interested in minutes, actions, email correspondence, consultations, tendering process and cost in relation to how this bridle way was identified as being in need of this work, how assessment was made as to whether carry out this work and what liaising was done with users of the bridleway to make the final decision, between the dates 1st Jan 2012 and 28th October 2014 held by yourselves.

I should prefer to receive these in electronic format at this email address.

It would be helpful if you were to provide any brief notes which might be necessary to understand the context of the information provided, although I recognise that you are not obliged to do this. If for any reason you feel this request is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are not the appropriate authority for this request, or for part of it, please let me know as soon as is convenient.

If the information requested contains sections of confidential information, please blank out or remove these sections, and mark clearly that they have been removed.

Thank you for your help.

Then send to:

By law they must reply in 20 days and provide the requested info.

Please let me know how you got on, Good luck!