Pudsey, Calverley and Tong Mountain Bike Route – 22km

mountain biking leedsOverview

This is a mountain biking route from Pudsey in West Yorkshire taking in Calverley and Tong. It’s a mix of road, double/singletrack, Woodlands, cobbles with some tough climbs and great descents. It’s 22km long with approx 600 meters of climbing/descending.

Start Point

Car park by the Bankhouse Inn at Pudsey is the best place to start and finish with a pint after the climb to the finish.


Head up the hill on the road from the Bankhouse Inn and take a left at the bottom, follow the road round to the right and then take the left at the junction. Keep going until you hit the roundabout and

mountain biking pudseythen go straight on up the hill. Not a big hill and a good one to warm the legs up on. At the top take the right down the wide stone track and then the left at the junction by the big house. Its a fast descent but you do get cars on it so keep an eye out. The next trail undulates then eventually bring you out back on to a minor road.

Head straight on to the main road, take a left and follow the road round. On the bend take a right by the church down into Calverley Woods. You will see a bit of singletrack develop to the right of the main path heading off right. This is a great descent that twists and turns through the trees  and eventually brings you out on the canal. Make sure you bear left on the last bend to double back on yourself. At the bottom follow the track along the canal which will begin to head back up into Calverley Woods. Cross straight over the stone track and keep traversing the woods. Eventually you will join another stone/dirt track by some house and a junction, go straight on and continue to traverse upwards. Following this path until you come the main road (A657) and cross straight over and rejoin the woods with the old mill on your right.

mountain biking round leedsKeep climbing up the hill, it’s a long climb with a gentle gradient. At the junction go straight over with the Blue Pig pub on your right and you will eventually come out by the quarry entrance. Head up the road and take the left turning A647. Cross over the road and head down Daleside Road over on the left. Over Ducking Crossing through the Farm and then take the left back into the Fulneck Valley. This is a fast bit on singletrack that turns into cobbles and then some rough steps before spitting you out at the bottom of the valley.

Hang a right and then take the bridleway climbing out of the valley, can you jump the motorcycle trap? Gets a bit steep towards the end and eventually brings you out on Smalewell Road. Take the right immediately after the Fox & Grapes down the valley hold on tight for a fast swooping descent into the Valley with a river cross at the bottom.

Follow the wide path straight on (this bit can get very muddy in winter) out of the Black Carr Woods and to the a footbridge on your left. If you have had enough you can head up the Hill back to the car, it’s a steep climb but fairly short, or you can continue up the hill to your right. Go through the farm at the top of the first hill and follow the road down taking the first left. Watch out for cars round here as they sometime speed through taking a short cut to Bradford.

When you eventually meet the main road hang a left, pass the Greyhound Pub and then left up Keeper lane. Take in the view of the Fulneck Valley and then it time for the final descent of the day which is very quick with a few water bars to negotiate. Keep an eye out for horses and enjoy the ride. At the bottom cross the brook and climb up the hill back to the car.

Great local route and you will definitely earn a pint.

Map – Ordance Survey Map of the Route

GPXOpens a link to the GPX file 

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