Accommodation for Mountain Bikers

If you are planning a cycling trip away then you need some accommodation that is aimed at mountain bikers especially if there is a large group of riders, here a guide to what to look for.

Mountain biking trails1. Near the trails

The most important thing! The accommodation needs smack bang in the middle of best mountain biking routes. You want to be able to ride from the trails from the door at most have them a very short drive away.

2. Relaxed atmosphere

Doesn’t matter whether it’s a hotel, B&B or self-catering you want to feel relaxed. Chances are it  will be the weekend and you will be away with your mates, a cycling club or even a combination of the two; so you want to be staying somewhere down to earth, welcoming and with like-minded people.  On a recent Hit the Hills weekend one of the guests commented that they usually stay in B&B’s and always feel like they are staying at the in-laws and must be on their best behaviour!

secure  bike storage accommodation3. Bike Storage

Chances are your bike will be worth a few quid  so you will want to keep it locked up securely and out of sight. Always pick somewhere where that offers secure bike storage.

4. Pub nearby

Mountain biking is thirsty work so you most definitely want to be able to get a few beers in at some point during the weekend. Ideally the pub will be within walking distance but sometimes it’s worth putting in the extra effort to get that special  pub that can make the weekend even better.

5. Food

catered accommodation It can be a hassle organizing meals for large groups of people or doing the cooking (and washing up) yourself after a ride if you are going self-catering. It’s always best therefore to stay somewhere with a restaurant nearby or even better somewhere that is catered so there s even less things to organise.

Hope that helps in your search for accommodation for cycling trips and groups. If you fancy staying at Hit the Hills and having an awesome time please get in touch or book online.