Some thoughts about the food we provide

When I started Hit the Hills I had certain ideas, some of these ideas have proved very popular but the odd one or two quickly got dropped. I wanted two talk about two thing I did last year that proved very popular.

First off scrapped giving out mars bars with the packed lunches and replaced them with homemade flapjacks with a recipe courtesy of Nigel Slater. They things are immense! I make them in batches on friday night so they have time to relax, creating the perfect crumbling and sticky texture. Perfect trail food, everybody loves them!

The other thing I did was to replace the bacon sandwich option with a full english (or welsh) breakfast. Suprise, suprise it has proved very popular. I get the bacon, sausages and eggs from local butchers and they get most of their pork and eggs from the fields around them. If fact, Watson’s Farm shop which I use for when at the Peak District accommodation, raising their meat on Loose Hill behind the shop!

Guest are often surprised when they find out I use local suppliers rather than supermarkets. I think it’s important to source the food locally wherever possible. It supports local businesses, gives you a greater connection with the local area and tastes miles better than the massed produced supermarket junk.

So there you have it, two small changes that have made a big difference.  Asking guests for feedback, listening to what they are saying and taking action.

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