Hit the Hills Guest Host Offer

mountain biking accommodation yorkshire dalesWhat does that even mean?

Well newspapers have guest editors, blogs have guest bloggers, bands have guest singers, coffee shops have guest barista and obviously Hit the Hills has guests. So I wanted to explore this a bit more and and wondered if you can actually be a guest host a weekend? Sure you can, right? Well I reckon you can and want to try it out this year.

How will this work then?

Urban Dictionary defines a “guest” as a person not yet a resident of an institution/ household but instead a “lurker;” Someone who is a temporary arrival.

Not quite what I mean so lets expand on it a little. Lets say you are in a mountain bike club and you have booked some self-catering or group accommodation for the weekend. You have two options when it comes to eating; either some poor sod cooks for everybody (not the best option when you have been out cycling all day or want to get a few beers down you) or you seek out mountain biking coed y breninsomewhere to eat nearby. Both options can be good (and bad) but I find the best choice is to combine the two have great food cooked for you at your venue by a trained chef. What’s not to like? It’s why I set up Hit the Hills.

What’s the deal?

At Hit the Hills I like to do things differently so instead of traditional one-way advertising telling you why Hit the Hills is great, I want to be more interactive with the mountain biking community and clubs. I want to really get involved and get to know you so I am offering Hit the Hills hosting services to any mountain bike club free of charge for a limited period. I figure it’s a great way of experiencing what Hit the Hills offers and building long lasting relationships with you.

Want to give it a go? Please email me – info@hitthehlls.com and lets start getting to know each other.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Hit the Hills