Product Review: Altura Attack Waterproof Shorts

The Product

mountain biking shoerts reviewAltura Attack Waterproof Shorts – RRP £60

What is the point of waterproof shorts? I used to think that but after wondering round Snowdonia for 4 hours in the rain one late spring day and feeling soaked and pretty miserable thought I would give them a go.  Saw them in Chevin Cycles for £37 so made a purchase.

Annoyingly after I brought them in May this year (2013) we had a heat wave for about 3 weeks so never got to properly try them out. They are definitely not good in the hot (think boil in the bag) so they were left unused for a while. When it did eventually rain I was straight out and felt the benefits right away!


The shorts a great fit and sit just above your knee cap (on me anyway), which is great as avoids rubbing your flesh away and doesn’t get caught when you stand up or drop off the back of the saddle. In terms of fastening they have two Velcro strap that hook round your hips and do the job well. Not sure of the longevity of this system as Velcro does get tired after a while and if they started to slip down could be annoying. Time will tell on that one.

The pockets have a waterproof seal on as well so you can put a phone in there and it will stay dry too. Happy days.

In terms of performance they are amazing! Waterproof, not water resistant or shower proof but full on waterproof. The result of which is that you can sit down in a dry pair of cycling shorts (not provided) and feel comfortable and warm all day.

When you are done you can hose them down and leave them to drip dry somewhere. Wouldn’t trust a washing machine on them to be honest.


Fully recommend these – 10/10