10 Questions with Trail 42

Caught up with Rich and Ruth from Trail 42 recently and here is what they had to say.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are mountain bikers. We make ethically sourced mountain biking clothing and accessories for on and off the bike.

What made you set up a cycling specific clothing company?

Ruth: I could never find any mountain bike clothing I liked. The women’s stuff either seemed to be a super girlie pink or men’s stuff just made in women’s sizes. I’m not the smallest or the largest women out there but the cycling clothing seems to think that everyone who rides a bike has a slim athletic build. Clothes impact how people feel so we believe it’s important to offer a range of standard sizes. We wanted to make cycling clothing that you could wear on the trail but also not look like a geek in the coffee shop or pub afterward!

What did you do before you set up trial 42?

Ruth: I was a project manager, glorified nag and organiser.
Rich: I was an engineer and then more recently a graphic designer. We have been running our own management and design company for the last ten years but it has always been our ambition to do something more product based and dare I say more exciting!

What’s your favourite product in your range right now right now?

Ruth: I love our post-ride hoodie, it’s great after a ride to keep you warm whilst washing down your bike. Rich only drinks tea and I only drink coffee so we have two versions depending on your preference!
Rich: The tech-t is great. I wear them all the time both on and off the bike and their so soft I have even been known to use them as pyjamas!

Any exciting developments on the horizon that you can share with us?

Rich: I have just finished building our screen printing workshop which is really exciting. This means that going forward we will be printing our designs in house giving us better quality control and flexibility.
Ruth: We have some trail specific tech-t’s in the pipeline. If you ride in Bristol, look out for the Nova one’s coming into shops soon. The great thing about our trail tech-t’s is that we will be able to put 5% of every sale back into trail maintenance. Currently sales of our Verderers version contribute to the DTV (Dean Trail Volunteers) and for Nova the money will go to the Bristol trails group.

Do you still get chance to ride and where do you go?

Ruth: Riding keeps me sane! I would never give that up. I tend to ride locally, Wye Valley, Forest of Dean, Bristol and down to Cwmcarn and Afan. Bike Park Wales is only an hour away.
Rich: I don’t ride as much as I would like but then that’s always been true. Like Ruth I tend to ride locally when I get the chance. We are really lucky to have such amazing riding just on our doorstep.

What is your favourite route in the UK?

Ruth: We love going on holiday to the Cwmbrian mountains. We normally get Stuart from Forest Free Rides to guide, we always have an amazing time. Stunning Scenery.

Rich: It’s not the longest or the most technical but The Wall at Afan is always good for a blast!

Where is the best place you have ever ridden?

Ruth: California, great trip this time last year. Dry dusty trails, stunning views overlooking the sea and massive red wood trees. We even found a fake British pub at the end of the ride so we could have a perfect pint and proper chips!

Tell us more about bamboo and why it’s so good?

Ruth: Bamboo has similar properties to Merino but less scratchy. It so soft so really lovely to be worn against the skin, its great a base layer in the winter.

Anything else you want to share?

Ruth: We would just like to say thank you to all the amazing people who have been helping us out in getting started. We have been really taken aback by people’s kindness and generosity, giving us advice, time

and support. Thanks, we just couldn’t do it without you.
Rich: Hi mum!

Thanks guys, be sure to check out their goods – Trail 42.