Halton East, Skipton & Rylestone (27km – Red)


This is an easy going mountain bike route in the south of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Navigation is simple, the trails are generally tame but it’s 27km long with some steep climbs so it’s graded a red route.  It’s pretty good all year round as the ground is firm and well drained although you many find some standing water after a heavy down pour.

Start Point

This route is best started from either Draughton or Halton East as you get the road climbs out of the way at the start and end on a descent.


Cross the A59 and descend south into Draughton, climb up to the A65 and straight (ish and left) across the road up Height Lane. Finally after about 20 minutes of the road you are turn right and take the Bridleway west to Skipton. It’s a nice trail with great views but a little muddy in places however firm enough to get some traction even in the winter.

At the western end of the trail  it starts to get rocky and progressively harder. The first bit is a nice fast section through some trees with limited visibility. Next up is a ridge line with some big roots to contend with followed by a rock garden that will most definitely test your nerves.

After a bones shaking finish head down the road into Skipton, hang a right at the roundabout and then left at the next junction and up the hill. Straight over the next roundabout and head north into the Dales.

Just before Rylestone take the bridleway on your right and go through the gate on the left up onto Bardon Moor. This is a little hard going to begin with but for the fit and able shouldn’t be a problem to clear. Once through the second gate the trail gets really interesting as the Bolton Abbey Estate have laid a path for mountain bikers across the moors, it’s a bit worn in places which makes it much better to ride and there are some tricky sections with a few water features to tackle.

When you eventually hit the fire road turn left and head east. After a bit more climbing you begin the long descent back to the car. No surprises here just a nice roll on dirt tracks to Barden Road. Cross over and down on the grassy trail which traverses to the right and then through a gate and into Halton East (you can no-brake this bit if you are feeling brave) to finish.

GPX – Halton East, Skipton & Rylestone

Route – coming soon

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