Hit the Hills @ Chapel-le-Dale 27th April 2012

Two words sum up this weekend: Amazing and Windy!


yorkshire dales mountain biking


After the wettest April on record it looked like it was going to be an interesting weekend in the Yorkshire Dales. We arrived at about 4pm on Friday to be greeted by two guests who had already been out on the Tour of Inglebrough and were able to confirm the going was firm! Excited by this news we set about making dinner and getting the venue ready.


The guests arrived in a steady stream after that and made a b-line for the local boozer which was 30 seconds up the road. Dinner preparations went well and everybody sat down at 7pm to enjoy a chicken, potato and tomato stew followed by a lemon tart.


pub near mountain biking accommodation After that everybody made their way to the packed pub to enjoy each other company, a folk band and a parrot on one of the local’s shoulders. It was a great boozer in the middle of nowhere with good ale and an amazing atmosphere; suffice to say they did well out of us all that night!


The next morning breakfast was being served from 8am and we were all out with our packed lunches by 10:30am.


It was a dry but very windy so decided to tackle the head wind early on and avoid the Three Peaks Race which was also happening today. After a big climb into the wind we arrived on top of the Cam Road and had lunch.


After lunch some guests went back to watch a bit of the Three Peaks Race descending all the way to the venue.  The rest of us carried on to Horton-in-Ribblesdale down the Pennine Way and the back along the road.  There was time for a pork pie and a pint before we had to get dinner on.



Calf HolesWhile we were hard at work making dinner the guests trickled back and enjoy some tea and brownies before getting cleaned up and headed back to the pub.


Dinner was served at 8pm and the first course of lentil soup with basil oil was met with a hungry silence! Next was a roast shoulder of lamb, root vegetable gratin, pea purée and a rosemary gravy. We had a vegetarian too and he seemed to love the beetroot tarte-tatin, everybody was looking pretty happy.


Dessert was a Bread & Butter pudding with home made custard which finished most people off!


A few of us managed to get back to the pub but were so full of tired juice that we soon returned and went to bed.


Sunday rolled around and the weather had reverted back to what it had been doing all April but with a more intense wind. Respect to everybody, they all went out and rode the ridge line down to Ingleton.


There was enough time to shower and eat their packed lunches before they headed off with the last guests leaving about 1pm.


Amazing mountain biking weekend in Yorkshire Dales…… click here to find out when the next weekend is on.