The Best Way to Cycle Snowdon

riding the rangers path

If you have ever ridden a mountain bike on Snowdon then you may know this already, but if you haven’t, then let me share what is possibly one of the best cycle routes in the UK with you!

A lot of people just ride up to the summit of Snowdon on Llanberis Path, share some bro-mance with their mates at the top, turn round and then head back down the same way. It’s a great trail but there is an alternative…

If you look at a map you see a network of Bridleway that form a loop around Snowdon. By linking the Llanberis and Rangers Path with Telegraph Valley you get a great and possibly the best day out a mountain bike you can ever have in Wales . Going clockwise from Llanberis you can climb up the Llanberis Path to the summit ; there a few testing, technical and steep rocky bits but on the whole it’s quite ridable.

Then if you head away from the crowds down the Rangers Path (North West from the summit and just over the railway line) you are rewarded for all your effort with what is quite simply a spectacular trail! Fast and open at the top; loose, rocky and technical in the middle and then a fast easy traverse to finish.

Next there is a short push up to the top of Telegraph Valley (it’s sign posted) for some more descending, beautiful descending! Fast single track interspersed with drainage bars to hop over as you whip down into Llanberis to top off what is a great adventure on the roof of North Wales.

Have fun and be sure to give us your feedback or share some photos on our Facebook page.

Route Info

Snowdon and Telegraph Valley GPX

OS Map

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Points to Note:

– There is a voluntary ban on mountain biking on Snowdon between 10am and 6pm from 1st May to 30th September. This has been agreed with: The Snowdonia National Park, Gwynedd County Council, CTC, Welsh Cycling Union and International Mountain Bicycling Association. Its a good thing really as it gets massively busy during the summer so it’s best to avoid the crowds and more enjoyable to ride in the quieter months.

– The ridge of Rhyd Ddu is a bridle way so also an option if you have similar balance skills to Danny MaCaskill but with a high risk of death ultimately not worth the challenge

– Snowdon is within easy reach of a lot of people, the sort of people who you wouldn’t normally meet in the hills. Just be concise of that when you whip past them out of control at warp speed as you may scare or provoke them

– Following on from that it is also worth being aware that cyclists who ride “recklessly and without due care and attention…or take part in a race or trial of speed” contravene the Road Traffic Act 1988