Little Slice of Heaven @ Chapel-le-Dale and Dent in the Yorkshire Dales

This is a great cycle route starting from Chapel-le-dale in near Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales. The montain biking round here is awesome with vast rolling fells and dales, giving you a great sense of being out there in the hills. This trail should take you a few hours to ride, good for a half day.

You start off by heading towards the mighty Ribblehead Viaduct and then turn left/north at the farm and onto a bridleway. It’s a nice track that takes you under the railway  line and give you a great river crossing to tackle with the option of foot bridge. After that you begin the climb up Whernside, there is a bit of pushing required but that soon gives way to a more ridable climb.

From the top you can enjoy the glourious view you’ve just earnt and maybe even see the Hogills if it’s a clear day. You then get sandwiched between some classic Yorkshire drystones walls as you start the descent into Dentdale. There are a few big ruts on the way down so it makes the descent intrest but shouldn’t cause you too many problems.

After that it’s a bit of road riding as you whip through Cowgill and Stonehouse and up out of Dentdale (steep climb) and then hang a right onto the Bridleway at the top. Nice trail with a good decsent fast descent. You’ll probably miss the turning and end up on a footpath and be tempted to go through the farm. Don’t worry though as the farmer has put a very helpful sign up the politelty requests you don’t ride your bike through his farm, it reads “No F***ing Bike!” > So backtrack a bit and hang a right at the end of his fench and you’ll soon be on the road.

Then it’s a simple cruise down the road back to the start.

You can hang a right and go under the viaduct on the way back if you wish to do some more off-roading.