Gone Without a Trace……

While at Snowdon for the last Hit the Hills weekend I thought I would whip up some publicity by positioning the Ad Bike at the bottom of the Llanberis Path for the weekend. It’s known as the tourist path so I was confident that loads of people would see it.


So, on Friday night, under the cover of darkness, I carried the Ad Bike up to past the first corner just out of sight from the start of the bridleway.  I thought it would be a great spot over looking Llanberis and give everybody a nice surprise as they begin their trip up Snowdon.


The next morning as we headed up we stopped for a photo opportunity; here is one me dicking about on it…….


I saw it again on Saturday evening at about 5pm; some kids were having their photo taken on it and looked to be enjoying themselves. The plan was to collect it on the way home on Sunday so as we all head off I parked up and went to collect the said Ad Bike however….. not a sausage!




Saddened, as if somebody had kidnapped a loved one I got back in my car and headed for the Marin Trail at Gwydwyr.


I figured that somebody had nicked it for a joke and that I would soon start receiving ransom notes, followed by threats to cut off little pieces and post them to me one at a time until I pay up!


Later that day though I received an email from North Wales Police. As I opened it I was desperately hoping not to see phrases like “burnt out”, “stripped and sold for parts” or the ultimate humiliation “cut and shut”.



Luckily, nothing that exciting had actually happened. The very kind Police Officer had politely requested I collect my “exercise bike” which was in their custody. Apparently somebody had taken offence to the Ad Bike and carried it off Snowdon and left it outside the Llanberis Police Station.


I was back in Leeds at this point so gave my good friend and local North Wales Guide Steve Ward a call to ask if he could pick it up for me. He obliged and the Ad Bike is now safe in an undisclosed location on the North Wales coast.


Were you on Snowdon on the 15th October, did you see the Ad Bike? Did you take your picture on it?


If you did upload the photos to Facebook you’ll get 10% off your next booking at Hit the Hills.


You can read about the weekend on Snowdon here.

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