Hit the Hills in the Yorkshire Dales 19th-21st August 2011





dales mountain biking

What an amazing weekend of mountain biking in the Yorkshire Dales. It was the first Hit the Hills weekend so I was super keen to make sure it ran smoothly. I had spent the previous weeks running through the format, getting the menu right and ensuring everything was in place to deliver a fantastic weekend.


After reading through the feedback I am very happy to say that everybody had a great weekend and loved the concept so let’s run through what went on………


On Friday I arrived about 6pm to find that two guests had beaten me there. They had taken a day off work for a quick blast round Gisburn. I presented them with a complimentary beer, and then got cracking with making dinner.


Whilst making dinner the rest of the guests arrived. I showed them to their rooms and handed out some more complimentary beers and finished making dinner. This worked out quite well as we all sat down for dinner at the same time and they soon demolished (both portions) of the Steak and Ale Pie. In between courses I ran through the format of the weekend, suggested they make themselves at home, help themselves to Tea and Coffee whenever they liked and pick my brains on the best trails in the area. Dessert went down well too: Rice Pudding with homemade Strawberry Jam. Nice!



eating at hit the hills

Everybody had brought plenty of booze so after dinner the beers flowed while everybody got to know each other and discussed where they would be riding the next day.


The next morning I was up at 7:30 baking the bread for breakfast and packed lunches as the guests slowly appeared. Tea, Coffee, fruit juice, cereal, porridge and a bacon sandwich or scrambled eggs on toast ensured everybody was well fuelled and ready to Hit the Hills.


The packed lunches were ready and by the time breakfast was over everybody had decided to ride together so I tagged along to point them all in the right direction, the route was epic!


It was a massive day out taking in the best riding in Wharfdale and Littondale followed by a descent off Buckden Pike which everybody loved.


I chipped off when we got to Kettlewell to get dinner going so full credit to everyone that day – it was truly an amazing day’s riding.


ralxing at hit the hills I was busy making dinner when they arrived back. They soon got cleaned up and devoured the free cake whilst drinking copious amounts of Tea and Coffee before some heading to the local boozer for a few ales before dinner. Others were happy to relax around the venue reading bike mags and discussing the days riding.


Dinner went down well; three courses tonight kicked off by a pea and mint risotto which set a high standard for what was to come. As the main course went out on big serving plates a hush descended across the previously rowdy (and slightly inebriated) crowd as they began dishing out the Lemon, Garlic and Rosemary Pork Chops, Buttery Mash and home-grown veg.


By the time dessert came, the days riding had begun to take its toll on some people and they were hinting at going to bed. The Plum, Nectarine and Ginger Crumble was well received and after a few more ales everybody gradually retired for the evening.


Sunday morning arrived and the sun was shining. The guests begun to show a little later than the previous day and very leisurely prepared for the day ahead.

Great mountain biking in the Yorkshire Dales


They got their Packed Lunches and headed out. I skipped the ride today as I need to clean the venue but had recommended two routes; two which seemed to please.


The first route took in some steep road climbing, the Cam Road and then a fast finish down the lower section of Buckden Pike. The verdict was unanimous – great route!


The others opted a loop taking in Horton-in-Ribblesdale, the north side of Penn-y-Ghent and then the first bit of yesterday’s ride in reverse; they loved it too!


Everybody was able to get a shower after riding and consume some more free cake, tea and coffee before they headed off back home.

Finished up leaving about 5:30 after an awesome weekend of riding, in a great venue and amongst some classic Dales scenery.


You can see all the photos from the weekend on the Facebook page; you don’t need an account just click here.


Bring on the next weekend!!


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