Free Weekend at Hit the Hills

Want to ride in the best mountain bike destinations in the UK with free accommodation and all the food you’ll need?  Win a free weekend at Hit the Hills worth £95 in July…..


There is a new photo upload competition this month called “I am not a detective but I don’t think that bike has been paid for“


I have had a bike nicked and I know a lot of people who have as well. It’s massively frustrating, not only because it’s worth a load of cash and a hassle to sort out getting a new one, but has (in my case) given you some of the best experiences of your life and is now gone forever. To rub salt into the wound, I sometimes see strange folk riding round on bikes that don’t quite suit them. Like this chap below….


nicked bike


Check out the competition on the Facebook Page for more details and get some photos uploaded.