Mountain biking weekends: what makes them great?

Going mountain biking for the weekend is awesome, but what makes a weekend away truly great?


#1 Build Up

mountain bike weekends


You’ll fit into one of two categories here, either the organiser or the follower.


If you are the organiser then you will have spent weeks, maybe months doing all the groundwork: picking a date everybody can make, finding the best routes and a venue nearby; collecting all the money and booking a venue; making arrangements for breakfast, lunch and dinner; most importantly though you will have figured out the location of the nearest boozer.


You’ll be excited but slightly apprehensive as all your mates will be relying on you to provide a great weekend. Either way you’ll be looking forward to that first beer!


If you are a follower, you will have had an easy ride.  You will be looking forward to being picked up and chauffeured to the venue that your mate has organised. Even though you will not have invested much effort up until now, you will have stumped up some cash so will be expecting some good times.


Whichever person you are its all part of the build up to a great weekend of mountain biking and when you leave work you’ll be buzzing inside and super keen to Hit the Hills.


Conclusion: The build up to the weekend should definately get you excited so make sure you get some banter going beforehand and make the organiser know you are counting on them to deliver.




#2 Arrival


After driving for a few hours or spending a lot time on a train, the last thing you want to do is spend ages looking for the venue. Then, when you arrive, you want to be made to feel welcomed by the host/receptionist and a quick transition from “Hi, I am here for the weekend” to “This is your bed.”


Conclusion: An easy to find venue, warm welcome and swift check-in get the weekend off to a good start.





#3 The First Drink

mountain biking weekend


After a week at work and a long journey you will have developed a thirst! You’ll be ready to unwind and be super keen to get to the nearest boozer or crack open a cold beer from the fridge.


Conclusion: Make sure there is a boozer within walking distance or pick up some cold beers on route.





# 4 Smooth Start on Saturday Morning

mountain biking weekends

This is it; this is why you are here! You’ll have spent half your earnings on a bike (maybe more) and may have even had to beg for a “weekend pass” to get here but that’s all behind you now – Saturday has arrived!


A good breakfast, plenty of tea and coffee, some banter about last night and you be ready for a big day out in the Hills. There will be some last minute faffing with the bikes and couple of skids in the car park before everybody is ready.


Conclusion: Have a good feed in the morning, last minute check of your bike and bit of a warm up in the car park, then you are ready.






#5 Some Post Ride Relaxation

mountain biking weekendsAfter a big ride nothing hits the spot like some tea and cake (or a pint!); if there is somewhere to sit down and enjoy it then even better. It’s also advantageous if you have somewhere to hang out at the venue as well where you can watch TV, reads some magazine or drink some more tea.


Conclusion: Make sure there is somewhere to relax after riding where you can kick back and kill some time before dinner.




#6 Good Feed Saturday Night

mountain biking weekendsCome dinner time, you will be starving and exhausted so will not want to be driving around finding somewhere to eat. Ideally, there will be somewhere close by like a boozer/restaurant or you will get one of your mates to cook for you. Either way you want a good tasty feed, at a reasonable price with minimum travel and a low admin. Good luck!


Conclusion: Make sure there is a hassle-free option for dinner that is within everybody’s budget nearby.







#7 Easy Sunday


mountain biking weekendsAfter a massive day out on Saturday, Sunday will be a bit more relaxed. Ideally, breakfast will be served a little later so you can take your time and enjoy it, maybe get up a little later too?


If you didn’t give your bike any attention on Saturday then you may want to spend 15 minutes giving it a once over on Sunday morning. You may just want half an hour to yourself with a newspaper or magazine.


The route will be shorter/easier than Saturday, which should allow you to get back to the venue and cleaned up in good time to get home at a reasonable time.


Conclusion: Take it easy on Sunday, have a late breakfast and do a shorter ride.




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